About Us

The Project R team have been responsible for delivering almost 80 events over the last 17 years.

In that time we have satisfied the needs of more than 10,000 exhibitors and over 1 million quality visitors, so our experience is extensive, experience that we call upon in planning any new event.

As organisers we make life as straightforward as possible for exhibitors and visitors. Each show is planned meticulously from initial concept through to managing the event itself to maximise its effectiveness for all concerned.

Our aim is to ensure that the event runs like clockwork so that exhibitors can concentrate on business and visitors can focus on finding the products and services they require.

Our exhibitors know that when they turn up at one of our events the services they have ordered will be in place, that the layout will maximise customer flow and that the contractors appointed by us will deliver the goods.

Our track record in liaising with Local Authority and Public Safety personnel is second to none, a vital element in ensuring a smooth operation.


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