Event Services

Project R can offer a complete package to manage an entire event from start to finish, encompassing all aspects of development and implementation.

We are equally capable of providing a consultancy service or supporting our clients by offering skills and experience for individual components of the event management process.

Here are some examples of the services that we can deliver.

Event Planning Operations

clipboard-iconBefore any event can take place an appropriate license has to be applied for through the local authority and this can mean a major input at a very early stage in the event’s development. A thorough knowledge of what is required is essential in establishing a good working relationship with the local authority, and that again is where Project R Events experience plays a vital role. Even in the final stages close liaison with local officials may determine whether the doors for an event open.

Trade Stand Management

arts-builder-iconIt is not just the number; it is also the quality of trade stands that make an event successful for visitors and for exhibitors themselves. Offering a professional service for exhibitors is critical. That service includes sales but detailed planning must go into the production of the event to determine the layout, the charges, the options, the services, the anticipated visitor numbers and the allocation of space.

Infrastructure and Managing Contractors

box48Every event is dependent on reliable and cost effective contractors to create the event infrastructure and over the years the Project R team has developed relationships with specialist contractors who we know will deliver quality, and on time. They are not always the cheapest but they do allow the event management team to sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that what has been contracted will be delivered whatever the circumstances.

Layout Planning

Apps-basket-iconWhatever the show site, be it indoors, at a dedicated venue or green field an accurate drawing of the layout is vital to the success of the event and that’s where Project R Events command of CADsoftware comes into play. Accurate to the finest detail in the hands of an experienced and fully trained operator the plans produced are the foundation for the contractors to create the infrastructure and to deliver a successful layout for exhibitors and visitors.

Health and Safety Management

construction-cone-iconRisk Assessment, Event Profiling and management of Health and Safety for events has become increasingly important. Project R Events has amassed considerable experience in this discipline and can develop and produce an Event Manual that provides the information required by exhibitors, contractors, Health and Safety and Local Authority officials including the police and fire services.

Venue Management

Places-user-home-iconThe use of an event space brings with it the need to liaise closely with the venue management team. Project R Events accept the responsibility for identifying a suitable venue for any event and then using that venue to maximum effect

Entertainment Programming

My-Videos-iconThe team has developed skills in creating and deploying entertainment programmes for events. Creating a timetable, identifying performers, attracting specialist speakers, demonstrators and visitor attractions all form part of the service.

Marketing and Promotion

mphone48From promotional flyers and press advertising to television campaigns and social media, we can plan and execute a marketing and PR campaign tailored to your individual requirements and will use a varied range of marketing tools and techniques depending on the particular target audience, budget and objectives.

Financial Management

diagram48At Project R Events we pride ourselves in our budget projection skills and cash flow management for events. Once the objectives of an event have been established then a draft budget forecast is tabled and considered and only when a positive budget is established and agreed can progress be made. Each of many expenditure headings are carefully calculated. Each stage is carefully analysed and the final account provides a template for future development.

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